Taylor Davies-King

What would be on your dirty playlist?
It would have to be something extremely tender and sexual. My top 5, (in no particular order) would be: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, Adorn by Miguel, I know what you want by Busta Rhymes ft Mariah Carey & Flipmode squad, Clubbin by Marques Houston and What you want by Mase ft Total.

What are you wearing?
Nothing. It is 24 degrees right now and with clothes on, it makes it impossible to sleep. This has always been my preferred choice anyway.

A Desert Island Discs riff: what book / object would you take with you?
This may be a cheat answer but I would have to say a notebook/pen combo... you know, the kind you’d get gifted from that one family friend that you’ve never met at Christmas, yeah that! Somewhere along the line I’d want to be able to write. Crap mostly, but sometimes poetry; a place to dump the inner workings/queries of my ever-moving mind.

What have you heard that you shouldn’t have?
That a close friend of mine was getting cheated on.

What have you seen that you wish you hadn’t?
Finding someone who I care about and was falling in love with on a dating app.

What do you like?
Spending time educating myself. Nothing quite beats the feeling that you’re expanding the realms of your brain to help better the world. Empowering, exciting and sexy too, right?

What do you really like?
Spending time in nature, it’s the only place I feel at ease; where my mind, body and soul don’t have to be compromised.

Spread a favourite rumour?
The sculpture department at the RCA is expanding the size of their studios.

Right now, what can you smell?
The scent of my soy salted caramel candle burning beside my bed mixed with the smell of banana, chocolate chip cakes that my mum is currently baking downstairs.

Tell us a dirty thought.
The gentle friction of your hand on my thigh is enough to strike a match inside me.