09/07/20 19:00 BST: ARC, THE DIRTY ISSUE (Launch Event)

John Christopher: I’m So Obsessed With You: Mark Morrisroe & Lynelle White’s Dirt Magazine (1975/1976), Redblack Lawrence: Offsite, June Caldwell: Pangolin, Charlie Fox: You're Such a Disease, Juliet Jacques: Marina Abramović: 512, Eko Binyao Lui: 'I Must Be Cursed,' Monologue of a Racist Dog Doll, Greer Dale-Foulkes: Ode to Oona, Fiona Glen and Nina Hanz: Contagion Closer to Animal, Sarah Roselle Khan: Dysmorphic Land.


23/07/20: Not Safe for Work

Sally O'Reilly
Tai Shani
Nayu Kim
Sarah Roselle Khan