The Cloak of Invisibility

What kind of magic power would you like to have?
Flying like birds is a nice choice; and so is swimming like fish.
Ninja fans might prefer shapeshifting, while Marvel lovers might want enhanced sensations and Night Vision.
None of them, however, could compare to the cloak of invisibility.

There are numerous proverbs in Chinese encouraging people to be ‘the best one’, ‘a man among men’ or the one ‘above the common herd’. Always make sure you are standing under the spotlight, as those who are left in the shadows will be pushed off the stage sooner or later. When society turns into a snake pit, one can either fight one’s way up or be condemned as a loser who is kept underfoot. The cloak of invisibility, however, offers a way out.

Don’t giggle at me.
Please hold that temptation for a few seconds.
How to make the cloak? Any suggestions from textile, fashion design or maybe an analysis of cold and heat resistance?
When scientists twiddled their thumbs, a writer found a clue: It is a cloak made from a humble, insignificant weave. If you occupy a lowly station in life, you're sure to be 'seen through', to be treated as if you were invisible. 1 It’s made of the cheapest materials, people’s eye rolls, their disdain and maybe scorn. No matter what, now the mission is completed, isn’t it?
There’s an access to invisibility.

Though the cloak doesn’t function in the perfect way, it provides an opportunity to experiment living a life without comparison or competition. From the day you put it on, you become the little lonely blue flower dancing on your body in a patch of wild grass. They even name you ‘forget-me-not’, there’s literally no drawer for the memory of you in their mind, nor a fair maiden's hand ready to pluck you and carry you home. The whole world excludes you from upcoming issues.

Don’t be afraid.
If you think of it from another perspective, it would be you who turns your back on the crazy world. No matter how insane and odd the world becomes, the sunlight, the dew and the rain are still there for you. It’s beautiful from this angle, isn’t it?

When others are trying to squeeze themselves under the spotlight, there is one who takes the cloak out of his closet; when things are turned upside down, the boundary of truth and lies are blurred, he does up the buttons and turns up the collar. To be an outsider is to be seen through, to hide in the sea of humanity, to drown on dry land. It is an opportunity the invisibility cloak brings, the chance of retaining innocence and fulfilling one’s original nature 2.

  1. 'The Cloak of Invisibility’, Lost in the Crowd, Yang, Jiang, Barmé, Geremie R., Melbourne: McPhee Gribble Publishers, 1989, p.127

  2. Original text is 'One can hide in the sea of humanity', written by Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo;‘ drown on dry land’ is about a story told by Taoism philosopher Zhuang Zi.